Many people think of golf as a sport that doesn’t require much physical activity and, therefore, can’t really have any health benefits. But these people are wrong. While golf isn’t the most active sport, it still is able to provide players with many health benefits. Check them out:

Vitamin D

Golf is an outdoor sport. A round of golf, on an 18 hole course, usually lasts anywhere from 3 to 4 and a half hours. During that time you are standing in the sun soaking up vitamin D. There are many health benefits of vitamin D such as strengthening your bones and reducing the risk of depression, heart disease and certain cancers.

Psychological benefits

Golf is a very social sport. Whether you are with friends, family or business associates, you are most likely playing the game with other people. This allows you to foster relationships with many different types of people, even ones that you wouldn’t normally spend time with. Being able to build and maintain these relationships is very important for your psychological well being.

Burns calories

Getting exercise is important but usually it’s just not enjoyable. Enter: golf. Many people think that you’re just standing around all day, drinking beer, driving around in a golf cart and swinging a club every now and then so how could that burn any calories? If anything it would add calories! But that’s not true! Golf courses typically range between 30 to 200 acres and that means that a lot of walking is involved. Yes, if you do choose to ride in the golf cart you won’t get that much exercise. But think about skipping the rides in the golf cart and you’ll be able to burn so many calories just by walking around. At the end of the few hours of playing you’ll probably have walked about 4 miles. And on top of that, if you carry your clubs while walking you’ll burn even more calories. That’s amazing exercise! The best part is that you’ll be having fun playing the game and spending time with friends that you won’t even realize that you’re exercising.

Low-risk injury sport

While there is some physical activity involved in the game of golf, it is a relatively low-risk sport, especially compared to some other sports like soccer and football. As a low-risk sport, golf still provides enough physical activity to keep your muscles active.

Reduces stress

For many, the golf course is a place that they can escape from their everyday lives to. People living in cities are able to escape to the green grass of the course. No matter what is happening in their everyday lives the golf course allows players to clear their minds and enjoy the game.