Your phone goes everywhere you go, and the only place you really want to go is the golf course. It’s the perfect match! Why not combine the two with these awesome golfing apps? Once you hit download, you won’t be able to remember how you lived without them. The right app is a dangerous addition, like a good caddy or the perfect new club. Boost your game with the latest technology and never look back.

  1. WGT Golf Lite

For those days when you’re stuck in the office and would rather be anywhere but, You know you’re going to be dreaming about getting out on the green anyway, so why not get as close as you possibly can? This nifty little app lets you play a virtual reality game against you real-life golf buddies from anywhere with cell service. This escapist program looks surprisingly real, perfect to transport you to a better place. It features two different courses and a nine-hole closest-to-the-pin challenge. New courses and features, like a tournament mode, are on their way, but meanwhile you can compare your scores against a global scoreboard.

  1. My Pro To Go

If you’ve always wanted a personal golf genius to follow you around and perfect your game, this is the app for you. Use your smartphone to film your swing from two different angles and upload it to the app. In only 24 hours you’ll get personalized, frame by frame feedback from a certified professional instructor. Get instant access to customized drills and even an interactive follow up session tailored specifically to you. Talk about self-improvement. This is honestly an incredible resource to carry around in your pocket. Next time you play, you’re friends won’t know what hit them.

  1. Rules of Golf by R&A

It might not seem as exciting as some of the others on this list, but next time you get into a spat with your buddies about the minutia of the rules, you’ll be able to settle it once and for all when you whip out your phone. This app provides the unabridged, fully illustrated official rules updated as of 2015. They even make it easy with a Quick Guide that covers the most common breaches of golf etiquette and the top arguments that start on the course.

  1. Swing by Swing Golf

This app contains pretty much everything you’ll need. It has a GPS rangefinder and can provide satellite tracking of every golf course in the world so you’ll always know where you are and what’s coming up next. In the same place you will also find a digital scorecard that syncs up to a website so that you can analyze all your game stats later.

  1. GolfNow

No matter where you are in the world, if you have your iOS or Android phone, you also have a detailed map of all the nearest golf courses and directions for the fastest way to get there. The more you use the app, the more rewards you win. But really what greater reward is there than having golf at your fingertips at all times? Never be bored in an unfamiliar place again.

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